2020 In the Rearview

It’s the end of 2020! Today, 2020 is in the rearview mirror. Now I know that doesn’t mean that everything will auto-magically go back to the way things were as soon as the clock strikes midnight, but if you made it to December after this hell of a year, celebrate it! Our entire world felt the horrors of all 2020 threw at us. We can still weep for the losses and injustices while also seeing the good that came from such an unprecedented year.

Looking back over my own personal year and the challenges, the growth and the accomplishments, I feel very thankful and empowered. It was a big year for me in so many ways. I overcame some of my biggest fears, and it blows my mind when I look back on it all. There were also many difficulties and painful, PAINFUL struggles this year too, but the pain brought so much growth and understanding of who I am as a person and what is most important to me. I’ll forever be thankful for all 2020 taught me.

There are 3 particular things from this year that I am most thankful for-

1-My relationship with my kids and husband has grown so much. If we hadn’t been forced to be home together all the time, I’m not sure we would be where we are today. My kids had their own massive struggles this year, but watching them overcome them has been an incredible experience. I couldn’t be prouder of them! Having my hubby home all year rather than traveling for work like he normally does was such a wonderful blessing. ┬áHim being here as a support during some very difficult times was something I would have never had if he hadn’t been forced to cancel all of his travel.

2-I worked my butt off focusing on my own personal growth surrounded by a community of likeminded women and the guidance of an amazing growth coach/mentor. I also pursued my dreams of learning more about Integrative Health. I also realized that my true passion lies in helping women see their value and recover from their oppressive and patriarchal pasts. I KNOW I was put on this earth to help women Bravely Shine! Finding my voice and not being afraid to use it and sharing my views has been life changing for me!

3-This last one is probably my favorite achievement this year…for the very first time in my life, I voted in our nation’s election. You can read all about it HERE in this blog post. Definitely my most empowering moment of 2020. I still smile every time I think about it.

Yes, 2020 has been an awful year for so many reasons, and I’m definitely going to enjoy my glass of “FU Twenty Twenty” sparkling wine from Nocking Point tonight. But there has also been much good this year too. As we look at 2020 growing smaller and smaller in the rearview today, let’s find the good. It’s always there. Then as we turn our eyes forward to look at 2021, let’s look for the good there as well. Things will still be difficult, but having your mind already made up to find the good, learn from the bad and then choosing to focus on growth and abundance, your life will forever be changed!

Let’s live a good story and let it Bravely Shine!!