About Me

Hello! I’m Heather, the face behind Bravely She Shines. This is where I share all about my growth journey (it never ends!), my thoughtful musings from my journaling sessions in the morning, and any other tidbit that I think might be beneficial to my community. The world can seem to be an awfully dark place at times, especially if you are struggling to find your voice, share your truth and heal after escaping the clutches of oppressive and patriarchal communities. My hope for Bravely She Shines is that it will be a BRIGHT place of healing, of knowing you aren’t alone, finding a community who supports one another on their transformation journeys and ultimately finding your own unique way to BRAVELY SHINE!  If you’d like to read a bit more in-depth about my journey and background, head on over to read Cult Survivor. It gives a bit more detail about my journey so far.

When I’m not working on projects here, I enjoy spending time with my Hubby, our 2 kiddos and 3 fur babies. Coffee is vital to my survival and yours. I’m a massive Harry Potter fan…Ravenclaw to the core, and am always looking for an excuse to visit Harry Potter world at Universal Studios Orlando. I LOVE to travel, and water gives me life, especially the California coastline.  I almost always have at least 2 books I’m reading through because learning never stops. If you want to know more about me and keep up with all the things…sign up below to be a part of my Thoughtful Musings Community.  I’ll see you over there!


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