Crochet Hooks and Yarn

Why are you suddenly seeing yarn, crochet hooks and witch’s hats all over my social media? What about all of my exposing patriarchy, cults and sharing my story? Am I done with that? Well, pull up a chair, and let’s have a chat.

First off, I’ll ALWAYS fight against cults, patriarchy, abuse and oppression. I am always here for those women who find themselves in need of support after leaving these communities. My blog will still be used to occasionally share resources, my thoughtful musings and other women’s stories who so bravely want to open up about their experiences in order to help others who find themselves in similar situations. So it’s a resounding NO, I am NOT done with that, but it’s not all Bravely She Shines will be doing. There are some changes on the horizon, and I want to share why.

A Need for Change

For the past couple of years, my focus has been solely on sharing my story, and helping other women. I still feel extremely passionate about this, but my mind and body needed me to slow down. It’s difficult to be in a state of constant fight or fight (no fleeing for me!), and always being ready to go into a verbal battle, dig into past hurts and share my story. There is a fine line that must be walked in order to not let it consume you, to be able to still find joy and happiness and to see the world as a safe and beautiful place filled with wonderful and kind humans. I was losing sight of that. I was tired and mentally drained. My soul needed me to leave the battlefield in order to reconnect with who Heather is, and what she wants and needs in life. While I found helping these women to be fulfilling and such an immense honor, I also recognized it wasn’t something I could do all of the time and still thrive as an individual. This wasn’t easy to admit. It was, after all, what my whole purpose in life was…right? To take my pain and experience to help others…right? Then why was my heart telling me, “No.”?

Creators Gotta Create

My life coach suggested that I find a creative outlet…something that would bring me joy and fulfill my innate need to create (my other creatives out there know what I’m talking about. Creatives HAVE to create!). I needed something to reconnect me with who I am as a person and what makes me smile…brings me joy. There was a desperate need for a change, something to fulfill my need to create, and also share my joyful creations with others. That’s where crochet came in.

You’re a Hooker?!

At first, it was just a couple skeins of yarn to make a basket, and then another and another. Suddenly, my house was filled with yarn, crochet hooks and crocheted beanies, baskets, scarves…whatever interested me. Along the way, I discovered that people who crocheted where called “Hookers”, because ya know, we use crochet HOOKS to create our items, hence the “Hooker” title. You better believe my family had a heyday with that one. There is nothing like your teenage children telling their friends that their mother is a “hooker” and watching the look of horror and confusion race across their friend’s faces! LOL! Oh man…good times.

October rolled around, and we were going big this year for Halloween. We would be celebrating with some out of state friends whose street goes ALL OUT for spooky season. I decided to go as a witch, so naturally I needed a witch’s hat. That’s where I found something that truly made me giddy with joy. I designed a quirky witch’s hat that suited my personality, and I couldn’t wait to share pictures of it with my friends. Then I made another hat and another. With each hat I was more and more excited to design a new one! The more I shared them with friends, the more people told me they wanted one or that I should sell them. A friend even suggested some fun quirky witchy slippers, so I designed a pair of those and another pair. Suddenly I realized that I was finding SO MUCH joy with each new witchy creation. It was like a burst of sunshine warming my entire being. (Fun fact- the clouds literally just parted and there is now a massive beam of sunshine streaming down on my desk in this very moment. Thank you, Universe. )

So, What’s Next?

The amount of joy I have experienced with each new design is truly feeding my soul. So much so, that pretty soon, I’ll be opening my own online shop where others can purchase my one-of-a-kind designs and share in this magical joy these functional art pieces bring. Being a creative means I’ll always be exploring different mediums to work with. For now, creating quirky items with yarn is where it’s at. Yes, from time to time, I’ll still be sharing my thoughtful musings about fighting the patriarchy, abuse and cults, because 1.) Crocheting gives me lots of time to think, and 2.) I will ALWAYS be on a mission to expose, defend and protect. My free resources will still be available to download, and I’m always just an email away if you ever find yourself needing support in your own healing journey. So if after reading all of this you’re still thinking, “But Heather, how can you take down the patriarchy and fight against oppression with crochet hooks and yarn??”, to that I say, “With one witch hat at a time!”.  😉


Be Bravely Magical and Quirky, my friends!


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