Cult Survivor

I Am a Cult Survivor

It’s taken me a while to say that publicly. I don’t like the “label mentality” because once you say something to yourself over and over it’s what you become. Instead, I prefer to view it as a part of my past that gives me specific qualifications to speak to and for other women and speak out against things from my own unique perspective based on experience and knowledge. I have an insight and understanding of situations, fears and beliefs that plague those who have escaped these communities.

Many of us remain silent about our experience. Some keep quiet for their safety, while others, like myself,  keep quiet because we didn’t really even know we were in a cult since it was basically all we had ever known. More often than not it takes stepping outside the invisible cult walls and experiencing life in the real world to understand how sick and twisted your world really was. It’s a very vulnerable time. Your world turns upside down, you don’t know who or what you are, let alone who or what you should believe. Fear pulses through your veins at every turn. It’s a total mind boggling experience once you are able to really see the cult for what it truly was. But what do you do after that? How do you acclimate to the real world once the blinders are removed, and you finally see the truth? There is no easy answer, but I can tell you that you absolutely can NOT do it alone. Having someone walk alongside you in your healing journey is a must! Someone who can help you see the world through the proper lens, and understand all the truths it reveals. Someone who can show you the tools needed to repair and heal all the wounds you carry.  Fun fact, you have all of the tools already! You just have to know how to utilize them. You, my friend, are already so capable.

While my experience isn’t a thrilling tale filled with dead of the night escapes, it IS filled with overcoming lifelong indoctrination, oppression, abuse, trauma and fear.  I have spent years digging deep, healing, and reprogramming my mind to realize that the world is in fact a beautiful and safe place filled with wonderful human beings all striving to be the best versions of themselves that they can be.  My whole goal in sharing any of this is not to draw attention to my pain, but to show you that healing is possible and HOW it’s done!  That’s my whole purpose. YOU are my why.

So, welcome! My name is Heather. I’m a bravely shining cult survivor helping other women heal, overcome fear and cultivate a growth mindset in order to live a life of freedom and intention.  I’m so happy you’re here, and I can’t wait to see you Bravely Shine!

Bravely Shining