Farewell For Now

Farewell, for now, my loyal readers and followers. I have 2 HUGE bucket list projects that I’m going to be working on in the coming year, and ALL of my focus and energy will be going to those. This space will remain because I still believe in the work I have accomplished here, but it will no longer be my main focus for the foreseeable future. Allow me to leave you with a short musing I had the other night when I couldn’t sleep, and perhaps it will give you something to ponder as we approach a brand new year.

What is the Human Experience?

What is the human experience? Is it a lifetime of love mingled with heartaches? Or a lifetime of heartache mingled with love? Perhaps it’s both. Perhaps it’s stages where there is more love than heartache, and then far more heartache with moments of love. 

Perspectives Matter!

How we view this truly determines how we choose to live our lives. Do we walk timidly, always on high alert for the pain and betrayal we know will inevitably show up? Or do we work diligently to always focus on the love, putting more love and acceptance out into the world and becoming the embodiment of it, knowing that love alone is what will get us through the heartache? Do we fill up our whole being with as much love as we can when it’s there and flourishing, so that when the famine hits, we know we have a whole store of love to get us through?

The law of attraction works both ways. When we put love, kindness, acceptance and understanding out into the universe, it’s contagious and will grow, creating a beautiful ripple effect. The same goes for anger, hatred and ego. That’s not to say that we call in all of our own heartaches, because bad things happen to even the most love filled people and yet…if we choose to only see the worst, that is what the majority of our life experience will be.

Life will have Heartache

Will we always be able to focus on the love? No. Our stores will run dry, and that’s why it’s imperative to surround yourself with people who seek love and shower you and the world around them with it. In doing this, they share your burden and pour into your depleted love stores and help get you through your drought. If you have been walking through life only focusing on the heartache, the chances are, the people closest to you are doing the same. If you find yourself in a drought surrounded by people who are living in a drought as well, how can they ever pour love into you or you them?

Emit love and love will inevitably circle back to you, and when you round that dark shadowy corner one day and heartache is standing there ready to take every last ounce of love and happiness you have within you, you’ll be able to face it with the knowledge that you’ve come prepared with an entire love filled army that has your back. The heartache and pain will still be there. The anger and grief will still be there. There is no magic pill to make it all go away or be better. It is totally valid to feel all of those emotions during the hard times. The beauty is that when we have love at our core and surrounding us in our community, it won’t allow those other emotions to take over you permanently.

Fill, Curate and Emit

Fill your love stores, my friends. Curate your community to make sure you surround yourself with loving, supportive people who will also challenge you and challenge your perspective from time to time. Emit love. Love wins. Love always wins. 

Farewell for now, my readers. Let the bucket list projects commence! 


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