Twenty one years ago

Happy 21st Anniversary

There are times in our lives when we are walking and talking with our future while never even knowing it. I knew there was no way you were my future even though you kept insisting you were. How could you be? You drove me crazy, and argued with all of my ideas and thoughts on life. You insisted every guy I liked was a “loser” or didn’t deserve me. You somehow managed to keep yourself tightly tangled up in my life…much to my annoyance at times. Years bring maturity though, and that constant need to argue with you and push you away slowly turned into thoughtful conversations sprinkled with the occasional argument. I watched as you tried to give you heart to others only to have it rejected. You watched as I gave my heart to others, only to see me yank it back as time unmasked each of them. Our conversations became longer, more thoughtful, and at times I could see in your eyes that you still wanted me, but rather than say it, you respected the boundary I asked you not cross. Things were good as friends. It was enough…or so I thought.  

The Winds of Change

Time changes people. I remember taking a trip to visit you in Chicago when you graduated from college, and we went downtown. You took us all over the city and it was such a fun time. More fun than I ever expected it to be. While sitting on the train next to you, I felt so small as your shoulders towered over me. I remember thinking for a split second that I wished you’d just put your arm around me and pull me close so I could rest as the train jostled us to our next stop. “What the heck was that about?!? He’s NOT my future! Just a friend, a very good friend!”. I tried to convince myself that’s all you were…but  something shifted that day. Something I never expected started to take root in deep within my heart. 

Our timeline is filled with so many stories, so let’s just jump to the good part. That moment when you and I were sitting out on the back deck and you said, “I’m only going to ask you this one more time, and if the answer is no, I’ll never ask you again.”. The rest is, as they say, history. 

Time Moves Ever So Quickly

Twenty One years doesn’t feel nearly as long as it did on that first anniversary, does it? Time has moved far quicker than I ever imagined possible. When I think of us, who we are as individuals and as a couple, I’m so proud of how we have chosen to grow and chosen to support each other even when our paths are different. We always choose to make sure our paths stay parallel! We never go opposite directions, because then how would we support the other? 

Ours isn’t a superficial fairytale love. No. It’s so much more powerful and far too meaningful to be that. It had to be in order to work. We were two young adults with far more baggage than we were even aware of, but our hearts knew that they would only heal and thrive if they were together when we both began to unpack all of those bags. 

Gregg, our life together is something I would choose time and time again. You are my love. You are my safety net, the arms I fall into when I soar too high, or just simply can’t go on. You are the one I can laugh the hardest with over the silliest of jokes. You are a friend to my friends, and the support and love you show them is unmatched. You love unconditionally. You are an incredible father, and I love to watch you just step back and watch our kiddos fluff out their wings as they prepare to soar. Thank you for these 21 years together. Here’s to the next 21, and many more if we are lucky! I love you.



Twenty one years ago