What’ll You Fall For?

So the secret is out…I absolutely LOVE Hamilton: An American Musical. I laughed, cried, and watched in absolute awe as the cast performed “Satisfied”… just WOW. It’s been one of the highlights of this whole pandemic to curl up on the couch with my daughter over and over to watch and sing along to every line, to see who could impersonate King George the best and to even tackle cleaning projects while being serenaded by the catchy tunes and fantastic lyrics. Hamilton truly met every single one of my expectations and so much more.

Lin Manuel Miranda truly did such a spectacular job with the lyrics. So much wit and turns of phrases that jumped out the very first time I watched it. There was one in particular though, that when first I heard it, I immediately said out loud, “Oooh.”. I won’t risk spoiling the entire scene for you, but he and Aaron Burr are discussing the differences of speaking your mind vs. keeping your opinion to yourself. Burr is adamant about not letting people know what he’s thinking because it will avoid stirring up trouble. Hamilton looks at him in shock and says, “If you stand for nothing, Burr, what’ll you fall for?”. WOAH!

When I heard it first, I took it to mean something like…if you don’t stand for anything what will you die for, or how will people know what your core values are. Then I watched it again, and I saw it to be something even deeper. If you don’t stand for something, what will you be foolish enough to fall for? If you don’t search for what you believe or what makes you YOU and take a stand, you’ll fall for anything. That was even more powerful to me because I saw myself in that statement. No… that’s not true, I saw who I used to be in that statement.

It wasn’t very long ago that I had no clue who Heather was. I’ll never forget sitting in my parked car while I was out doing errands one day, and I was on the phone with my soon to be Growth Coach. With a heaviness on my chest, and lump in my throat, I choked out through tears, “I don’t even know who I AM! I’m 40 years old and don’t even know!!”. In desperation, I was trying to convey the deep turmoil I felt clawing and screaming in the deepest part of me. There was a voice there that longed to be heard. A woman who wanted the strength to speak up and show the world she had value, but I was too fearful to let her out. There was a little girl who wanted to be seen, heard, believed, loved and protected. I had rarely stood for anything other than what I was expected to stand for simply because I didn’t think I could or worse, should. If I did speak up, I’d lose people in my life that I held dear. My ideals and values weren’t my own. My beliefs and desires weren’t authentic to who I really was or longed to be. I was living out of alignment in so many ways. It was in those moments sitting in my car showing my coach pieces of my heart, that that silenced woman and unseen little girl were done hiding. They weren’t going to let me fall for anything or “throw away my shot” anymore.

You see, for me, Hamilton is so much more than just a story about one of our founding fathers. It is about living your life, taking that shot even if it seems impossible, speaking up for things that may rock the boat, or setting up boundaries around what you hold most dear no matter the consequences. We won’t get it right every time, but if we waste our energy silently accepting things that aren’t in alignment with our desires or goals, we will never be who we are meant to be or seize opportunities when they present themselves. We will live a life full of fear, scared of what others might think. We will be envious of those that succeed, and take paths that lead to confusion and ultimately to the betrayal of who we were ACTUALLY created to be! In the end we won’t even know who we are, what we want or what we’ve fallen for.

Starting now, stand up even if your legs shake. Speak up even if your voice shakes. Write that post even if your hands shake. Step into who you were created to be, because we only have ONE wild and crazy life. Make it one that is 100% you, and leave no doubt in the world about who you are. This is your story, your legacy, so make it a good one. No…better yet, make it an EPIC one!

Now go watch Hamilton if you haven’t yet! 😉